The World Wide Web of Trust!

What is

The challenge we have to address is a Web architecture that was primarily designed to manage documents, not trust, nor people and their relationships. What is needed is a second order change, a Copernican revolution, where trust and recognition links are used to create a Web of Trust (WoT), just as hypertext links are used to create a web of documents. After the Internet of Documents (IoD), the Internet of Things (IoT), can we create an Internet of Subjects (IoS) where individuals and their communities are fully empowered to contribute to building an open society? This is what Bit of trust aims to make happen! is the community space where everyone, individual or organization, can contribute – in their own way and scale – to the development of a World Wide Web of Trust. is a collaborative environment where everyone can come into action: trust, design, code and support.

How can you contribute to

There are many ways to get involved and contribute to the development of the bit of trust project! Whether you have IT developer skills, whether you are an investor or a philanthropic foundation, whether you are an organization with special needs, or wether you are simply an individual with ideas to share, you will find a working space which suits you at and where you can invest yourself.

Share bits of trust to establish a World Wide Web of Trust
Imagine and design the new processes and services
Transform shared ideas into innovative mobile apps
Provide financial, organisational or technical support

Components of the bit of trust ecosystem

The main components of the Web of Trust are: Foundries, Portfolios, Trust Pods and Apps.

The Foundry

It is the key component of the Bit of Trust ecosystem, i.e. the instrument that allows everybody to add their signature to anything that can be identified, whether it is a text document (e.g. a contract, certificate or diploma) or the appreciation of a service provider (e.g. a restaurant, hotel or other business).

The Portfolio

A Portfolio, or Personal Ledger, is the private space where one entity stores the BoTs received and issued, as well as the other assets such as publications and other artefacts created or owned by the Portfolio owner. It provides a means to represent the capital of its owner, who can choose to keep it private or make it visible.

The Trust Pod

While collecting bits of Trust (BoTs) could become a hobby for some, a collection of BoTs will not create any value by itself. Creating value out of BoTs is the role of the Trust Pods. They are the spaces where BoTs can be created and shared to create value for their owners and the community the Trust Pod represents.